How can you get your customers to return?

Returning customers is a basic interest of any webshop, as returning, satisfied customers spend much more time on your webshop than one-time visitors. A few steps are essential to get returning customers.

Maintaining traffic is essential in e-commerce, and it is only possible if there are consumers continuously. We need to adapt to the needs of our customers, provide them with a proper shopping experience, recruit new customers, and make existing ones committed. How can you make this possible on your webshop? We have gathered some advice about it.

What returning customers are important?

Every webshop, especially new online stores, needs promotion to make the business known, search engine optimization is essential, a proper shopping experience and a pricing strategy are needed. Pricing strategy should be supported with software that monitors and analyzes competition price and inventory changes, which helps you make quick, profit-maximizing pricing decisions with recommendations.

But it comes at a cost. Acquiring new customers and directing one-time visitors to a website is especially expensive. However, returning customers will buy more often (especially if you sell a fast-selling product in your web store) and often order larger amounts. If they are satisfied, they will stay for a long time and will also recommend your store to their friends. They will bring new visitors and customers, and they will also give good reviews of your service on various online platforms.

Retaining a customer is cheaper than recruiting new customers. This does not mean that there is no need for new ones, we just emphasize how important it is for the acquired customers to return.

However, those who have already ordered from you will only return if they were satisfied with the purchase process, communication, and ordered products at the time of the first purchase.

What is the basic strategy to retain customers?

The most important thing is the range of goods defined by consumer needs and if needed, a wide selection of them. Another point is the sufficient amount of product that is available or can be replaced relatively quickly.

The next important part is the pricing. Nowadays, there are a lot of small and medium businesses on the e-market, covid had a great effect on its increase, but only a few can stay above water. A good price helps you to generate profit and to stay competitive, and to have good prices, there are a number of pricing software that you can use. 

Tools to retain your customers

Communicate clearly and simply on the website, by using information materials, on social media, in newsletters, and through all other channels. Provide relevant information to your visitors and customers.

It may seem simple and small, but be sure to include some additional information, offers, links in the order confirmation email. You can repeat the information about the delivery, and thank the customer for the purchase.

Introduce a loyalty program, offer a custom package, give discounts on certain services or products to your returning customers. Also provide personalized services, especially to your loyal old customers. If you are not offering a product that the customer cannot get anywhere else, then outstanding communication and customer experience should be what keeps the customer staying.

Monitoring competition is also one of the tools of customer retention, whether it’s about opinions about competitors, a competitor’s social media presence, prices, or product offerings.

It is worth taking customer service seriously. Placing just one chatbot on the site already means a lot. Professional communication with customers strengthens trust, raises the standard of service, and gives accurate and correct answers to customer questions. Keeping in touch with customers also helps in further sales processes.