New features

Friday, 2021.06.18

We have developed a bunch of new features for you during this week, that will help to use ConvKit more efficiently. 

Copying and using widgets

A lot of clients have asked to have a widget copying feature. If you would like to use a widget from your campaigns, now you have the option to copy them and use them again, in a new campaign. In this case, a new widget will be created with the same settings in the new campaign, and you can customize it, without changing the original one. If you would like to use an old widget, not copy it, all the widgets will be changed accordingly, even the original one. 

Changing widgets

You have the option to change the widget even after choosing one if the campaign is not yet published. This feature is available after choosing one widget, in the widget settings part of your campaign creation. 

Editing input fields

Now you can edit the input fields, so that you can fit the widget to the design of your webshop. You can edit not only the input box, but also the text in it, and the label. 

Input formázás

Friday, 2021.06.11

Subscription widgets

We have added a lot of new widgets. Now you can choose from subscription widgets, that help you to get more subs for your newsletter lists. 

  • Newsletter subscription widget

  • Promotion material download widget

  • How did you get here widget

  • Coupon campaign subscription  widget

Form-based widgets will be widened every week.

Hírlevél feliratkozás

Friday, 2021.04.30

New premium features have been added so that you can target your widgets based on URLs. ConvKit offers a complete rule system, for very specific targeting. 



Monday, 2021.02.01

There are new options to customize the widgets. Check it out, how you can add a frame to the box or round it.