5 ideas to make your visitors stay

Experienced merchants intervene quickly when they see a confused visitor: they offer help, and even if the visitor leaves empty-handed, they are still one step closer to make the visitor return next time. The good news is that even in e-commerce, there are some techniques that can encourage those who are about to leave to stay. Let’s check five examples!

1. Use strong CTAs!

One of the reasons why a visitor leaves too early is that they cannot find the relevant information. This can be avoided by giving the right information at the right time to the visitors: a good CTA will do it for you. 

Using CTAs you can turn the just-in-time viewer into active users and make sure they see everything you want them to see. Pay attention to the clear but eye-catching wording. For example, instead of ‘Check out our other products’ it is more effective to have ‘Show me more’ or instead of ‘Subscribe to our newsletter’ to have ‘We will send you the latest news so you won’t skip anything’ would be more efficient. 

If you find out that many people leave the webstore quickly, you may want to make the wording of your CTAs stronger and more creative. Look at them as a map of a webshop that shows point by point what and where to find it!

2. Personal customer assistance: chatbot

Not only are they terribly useful because they relieve/trigger the work of customer service, but because they make the user experience more personal. Chatbots are automated applications that are able to answer customer questions and vice versa: they ask what the customer wants and then offer targeted products.

With their help, you can reduce the number of abandoned orders, as the bots will remind the visitor of the items forgotten in the cart and find out why the process was interrupted. If customers get an immediate solution to their problems, they are more likely to complete their purchase.

Chatbots also draw attention to promotions, so you can get a great offer for those who are about to leave to stay. Moreover, if they are interested in a product, you can even increase the cart value by presenting related articles

3. Autofill for an easy purchase!

The most important aspect of an online purchase for the customer is to get to the end of the process as quickly as possible. If the process is not smooth enough, they will easily leave it, fortunately, there are some options to make the process faster: for example, autofill.

It has two sides, as a Facebook login could make some customers distrustful. A better solution for this is when the customer creates a profile on the webshop, and all the details will be saved for the next login.

4. The secret of the popups that are not annoying

Nowadays, almost all e-commerce websites use popups, but not all of them can use them in the right way. Too soon, too much, too late - these are the reasons why a visitor would leave. It is important to show personalized messages, offers to the customer, based on the phase of the process where they are at. 

In more details: if the customer is only looking around on the site, a popup that offers information should be used: info about the service, products, discounts. Everything that would help to make the customer purchase.

When the product is already in the basket, but the customer wants to exit the page, you can use the offers: coupon, free delivery, bungles, etc. The most efficient is to offer these with a time limit as the biggest fear of the 21st-century people is to be left out. Why wouldn’t you use this to your advantage?

5. Old but good: email reminders

Checkouts do not always get abandoned because the customer has changed their mind, but because of lack of time. You can remind them that they have products left in the basket with a popup or even with an email reminder. 

A customer- and traffic-friendly solution if the items are not deleted from the cart of unregistered users either. Before leaving your site, you can ensure that you stay connected by requesting an email address and even encourage the customer to purchase with a personalized discount on higher value orders.