5 top tips to increase the cart value

If you have a webshop and you would like to improve, then next to increasing the number of buyers, increasing the cart value is one of the most important tasks that you need to take into consideration. To gain this, there are a number of practical solutions that you can use with smart popups.

What is the cart value?

The average basket value shows the value of the online store's orders in a given time interval, and how much each customer spends during the orders. It can be calculated by dividing the total income of the given period (for example a month) by the number of purchases completed during that period - thus you get the average basket value.


The point of this solution is that you put products in a set that your customers often buy together. Although they may represent a reduced value overall, since they are included in the package at a discounted price, you can increase the basket value by using the bundle offers.

In order to put together the packages, it is essential that you make smart decisions and select products in an offer that practically fits together and is a really attractive option for your customers.


Cross-selling is a very common and well-functioning method, which, in contrast to the package offer, is less "painful" for the retailer, since it does not offer a discount. The point is that you recommend a complementary product to the product selected by the customer - with the help of a pop-up window. A simple example: your visitor puts a pair of trousers in the basket, and the popup offers a t-shirt, shirt, or belt. (Of course, the golden rule applies here to choose additional products tactically, as with the package offer.)


The main idea of upselling is that you offer an additional service to the given product, or instead of the selected item, you offer your customer a higher-priced version of the same product, but with, for example, more functions or a newer series.

In this case, make sure that the offered product is really relevant.

Free delivery above a specific cart value

One of the most popular ways to increase cart value is when you tie free home delivery to reaching a specific order value.

Calculate as mentioned above how much your average basket value is over a longer period of time, and shoot the bottom of the free delivery threshold a little higher than this, i.e. the basket value from which you already offer free home delivery.

When your visitor starts to put the products in his basket, you communicate to them in the pop-up window how much they still need to buy in order to reach the threshold for free delivery.

In terms of domestic shopping habits, it can be observed that customers tend to spend a little more just to save on the delivery fee!

Loyalty system points for returning buyers

In the long run, a smartly structured loyalty program, the acquisition of loyalty points, can also motivate customers. If the retailer offers basically good products at a good price, people are happy to spend more in order to receive a bigger "reward" later on. In the short term, this method may not significantly increase the basket value, but building a circle of regular customers definitely represents a significant value for your webshop and your business!

ConvKit's eye-catching popups are perfect tools for increasing cart value, regardless of any of the above methods.