Avoid these issues to not to have an annoying popup!

How can popups become annoying for your website visitors? In this article, we will check the most common faults and how to avoid them.

You might have already heard these phrases from other webshop owners: I have let go of my popup because it annoyed my customers. Although, in most cases, they become annoying because they are not targeted properly.

The most common issues when it comes to popups:

– it pops up too fast;

– it is very difficult to close it;

– it pops up at a bad time, and not on the right page;

– it pops up too frequently.

Too fast

When a visitor just arrives at the page or starts to do something and the popup shows up right away, it's definitely not the best solution. If a popup window appears too soon, it may cause the visitor, the potential buyer, to close the window as quickly as possible because they want to keep looking. In this case, your message is not working, it will be lost in the system.

You can avoid this issue by allowing some time for your visitor to browse, immerse themself in the page, and only after a pop-up window appear.

Difficult to close

Also, make sure that the popup can be easily closed by the visitor if the message is not relevant to them. It is important that they don’t waste their time looking for the right button. The closing button must be obvious and clearly visible.

The same rule applies to the navigation buttons: the buttons with the words "View", "Open" and similar should not be lost in the popup, the visitor should easily find them!

Bad place, bad timing

A popup window that appears at a bad time and location can also be very problematic. Think about it, for example, that when a visitor is already in the process of making a purchase and they see a random popup with a message that isn't relevant to them, it's not only annoying, it's unnecessary. If possible, prefer not to terrorize the buyer while shopping.

The exception is when you want to show them a really important message! A specific example: if the buyer is just buying raw wood, you can offer wood stains next to it! So these upsell popups are still working and can be useful.

Too often

Also, pay attention to the frequency of popups. You should avoid the scenario when your visitor just can’t scroll through a page without five popups - it can be really annoying for them. They won't even read them, they would just want to get rid of them as soon as possible.

For example, limit pop-ups to sessions, try to "pull apart" their appearance. Be sure not to show all important messages in a single scroll!

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