Do you have a Shopify webshop? Check out these opportunities to boost your conversion rates!

Shopify is an easy-use platform, where you can start your own webshop without any IT knowledge and you can choose the features that are necessary for you. On the popular interface, you can easily and effectively measure the results, and thanks to ConvKit, you can check and boost the conversion rates. Shopify also offers in-built storage space, so you can add your products quickly.

Shopify does not only secures a rentable webshop structure through the online platform, but it also makes it possible for their partners to reach outsourced services, in the form of apps. These apps, when added to your webshop, support the operation. The apps are an integral part of the platform and help that the stores would offer a wider service to their customers than they would on themselves. 

Not only can you choose from pre-developed apps, but you can also create personalized, custom apps with Shopify developers. But before you choose your apps, first think about what you want to achieve along with the goals set out in your business plan and what apps are right to support your webshop. It is also important that you choose the best ones for you, taking into account the pros and cons of the apps.

In the case of Shopify, its own payment system is both an advantage and a disadvantage, all payments go through the Shopify system. This can be a disadvantage if someone has used their own payment solution so far, or has preferred another payment method, or if third-party payment methods such as PayPal incur extra transaction costs, which makes it more expensive to operate. However, the fact that payment is secure through Shopify is clearly a huge advantage.

Security is also guaranteed for applications, as they must undergo a rigorous, comprehensive review and meet a variety of criteria before they can be accepted and integrated into the platform. For example, they need to offer a flexible system for webshops as well as multiple subscription packages to have a choice. If the app works in a subscriber model, it is important that webshop operators have the ability to switch from a smaller package to a larger one and vice versa.

Shopify provides a solid knowledge base and educational content for webshops, and professional customer service helps if someone gets stuck. You get these stable features with Shopify. For an app to be successful, it must provide outstanding service and be subject to continuous improvement and/or updating.

ConvKit is one of the most useful apps on Shopify

When a webshop subscribes to a Shopify app, it is another potential marketing and communication channel. From now on, Shopify can make highlights based on metrics defined within your own system. On the other hand, each app communicates on the World Wide Web, Google, or social networking sites because of its own advertising, and when it comes to partnering with a featured partner, webshops can also appear there.

If you want to use a unique Shopify app like ConvKit, you can increase your webshop traffic, generate more visitors and more customers, and support your business processes. If you do it well, combine it well, you can also increase your own brand value.

ConvKit is an application that increases conversions. In online marketing, conversion means the “transformation” or “reversal” of user behavior in a positive direction. Any user behavior that benefits your online business and accomplishes a goal you define counts as a conversion: such as making a purchase, signing up, subscribing to a newsletter.

ConvKit is an application for increasing and optimizing conversions. It will enable your webshop to send messages based on psychological effects, get your customers to sign up or subscribe to your newsletter, and prevent you from leaving your shopping cart without making a purchase.

ConvKit is practically a mirror of your business. As you start using it, a lot of information is gathered through the app about the operation, the segment you serve, such as in-app purchases, and you’ll find complete analytics about these processes.

In the case of ConvKit, in addition to the benefits of Shopify, you get professional conversion optimization solutions, and like directing visitors to your webshop towards a specific goal or conversion. The goal: to keep the visitor on the webshop as long as possible, to help and advance the sales process in order to get new leads, prevent the visitor to leave by leaving the shopping cart, and instead, to make the purchase at the end of the process

Not to mention, that on ConvKit there is superb customer service, that you get once starting to use the application.