Functions and news about TikTok in 2022

The platform gives you a hand when it comes to sales and content creation.

TikTok reached a billion users, and this makes it as important as Youtube or Instagram.

Not to mention that the community of TikTok is getting older: the number of non-teenager users is growing. 

So the saying that there are only teenagers represented on this channel is not true anymore. It is also not true that it is not worth it to run ads on it. There are more and more users, and the users are not only youngsters, they can be potential buyers, so TikTok is constantly expanding its toolbox. 

In 2021, for example, they have introduced the stories feature, which has been presented on other socials, like Facebook and Instagram. The main idea of a story is that it is only available for 24 hours to watch and it can be a photo or video. The plan is that the users can answer stories, and send messages in a text bubble.

Some tips to content creation on TikTok

In 2022, longer videos (5 or 10 minutes) can be shared too. It is obvious that with this move, TikTok is starting to compete with Youtube. Based on a study about users with android phones, in 2021, TikTok has won over Youtube when it comes to the average watching time by users, in the UK and USA. 

At the moment, Youtube has more users than TikTok, and it takes the visitors that are not spending a lot of time on the internet. One reason for this is that the older generation does not like to try new apps. (Do not forget that Youtube has started in 2005 and now it is a well-known platform.) Although, if TikTok is developing more and more new features - for example, the possibility of sharing longer videos, where you can express more ideas or topics - more users will get to the platform who are seeking quality content.

Experts are recommending though, that videos should stay under 60 seconds on TikTok, according to them, 20 or 30-second videos are the best - users are only watching 14 seconds from a 20 second-long video for example. For an ad, the best is to have a video that is between 9 and 15 seconds, because longer ad videos have less chance that the users will watch them till the end, and the reason is that the users require to get the information in an instance and get to the point.

Green Screen usage is expanding. This is the most popular special effect on TikTok, and now, introducing the GIFs, new dimensions have opened for content creation. Collaborating with GIPHY, users now can choose a background from the GIF library, using Green Screen.

There is a new feature that makes it easier to fix the videos quickly. According to TikTok, with the new Visual Enhancement button, you can fix the exposition, lights and colous in one tap.

It is possible to make the videos better, even if you upload them from your phone or make them directly on TikTok. To do so, you need to tap on the Enhance button on the right column, and to redo it, you need to tap on it again. 

You get new musical and sound effects: you can add animal or instrumental sounds to your video.

According to TechCrunch, TikTok is already testing the new features, that came from Twitter’s retweet feature. With the Repost button, you can share the content in your feed easily. (This option will not show in the discovery section for now)

Tips for sales

TikTok is paying more attention to e-commerce features. They have started the Creator Marketplace, to help companies to reach popular content creators. So, as an e-trader, you can find the TikTokkers with who you could collaborate.

Live stream commerce will be available, meaning purchasing during a live stream. This way, the visitors will be able to buy products on the platform. This feature is very important for the younger generation because, amongst them, there are more impulse buyers. Another aspect is that consumers tend to search and buy products on socials like Facebook and Instagram. Covid has improved the situation of e-commerce. TikTok wants to grow to the task. They have tested the live purchases first in the UK.

They will also introduce TikTok Shop - making it possible to buy things on the platform like on Facebook or Instagram.