Test your popups, and boost your conversion rates!

In order to reach your goal, to increase your conversion rates, it is very recommended to A/B test the smart popups that you are showing on your webshop. In this article, we are listing the most essential information about the topic.

When testing the popups, basically you need to pay attention to a lot of factors, because you can easily get a false result. One important thing is to test two or three versions right at the beginning - if you have the resources and time. Considering that there are very different periods in e-commerce, you should test the versions at the same time and not one after another. The results will shine a light on the version that you should use in the future. This is the most essential part of A/B testing. You should not only test the design of the popup (colors, pictures, illustrations, etc), but also the texts (main title, subtitle, other texts, CTA button).

What is the goal?

When checking the results, one important aspect is the target, the time, and the way of showing the popup. The popups might be active at the same time, but the target should be tested! You should also consider if you are testing the target or the popup itself. 

– If you would like to test the design/text versions, then you should not set different targets, because then it could distort the results

– Although, if you would like to test a specific target setting, then you should definitely choose these settings and test the versions based on them

Which metrics should you use?

A good metric could be the number of closes, compared to the number of showings. To use this data further, you can check how many visitors were taken to the landing page. For example, if you are testing an exit intent popup, and you offer one of your products on it, you need to check what is the result in the cart - you can gain important information from this.

Useful tip: when testing a popup design without targeting settings, you can see which one worked the best. Although, this information should not be taken for granted when talking about paid ads. When testing the design, you have a big audience, every direct and organic visitor. It is recommended to test the design further, more targeted. 

When should you test?

Testing has no season, you can do it anytime, at the end of the day the goal is that the popup should be an efficient conversion boosting tool for sales, lead generation, etc. It is recommended to polish the design and the message from time to time because you can increase your conversion this way too.