Appearance settings


You can customize easily and quickly where should the widgets appear on your pages. ConvKit offers targeting based not only on the product pages but also on the list pages. 

The second step of the campaign creation is to choose where the widgets should be shown on your webstore. You can choose if you would like to show them on all pages or only on specific ones. If you choose all pages, you only need to click on them and then on 'Next'.

If you would like to choose specific pages, please check the different type of pages and choose the ones that your campaign need. 


As you can see, it is possible to choose from different types of pages. (to show them on the home page, cart page etc...)

Once your webstore is connected to your ConvKit account, all the categories and sub-categories will be displayed on this page too, making it easier for you to create a more targeted campaign. 

You can also choose 'Other pages', which means all the paged that are not the main, cart, or product pages (for example the support page).

All the editing will be applied to your campaign in the second that you have set it (if it is an active campaign).