Widget editing

Widget editing

It is a popular marketing need to have the option to target the messages separately to new or returning visitors. On this page, you can check, how can you set your campaign targets based on the type of visitor. 

ConvKit offers an opportunity to increase the cart value or to run product-based promotions efficiently with its vart value specified targeting widgets and settings. It makes it possible to target precisely the visitors who have already put one or more products into their cart. 

ConvKit offers a solution for URL-based targeting if you don't find category-based targeting accurate enough. By using this feature, you can explicitly define on which pages you want your widget to appear.

ConvKit helps you to customize where your widgets will appear on the screen. You can use individual settings for mobile devices and desktop screens.

You can set the location of your widgets on different screen sizes. You can have separate settings for desktop and mobile.