Downloading subscription data


Do you want to check how many visitors have filled your widgets on your campaign? On this page, you can find out how to download the data easily in a few clicks and check their details. 


Click on 'Overview' on the left-hand navigation bar


On this page, you can see the list of all active campaigns. Please choose the subscription campaign from which you need to download the data and click on the 'Campaign details' button


This is the page where you can find the statistics for your campaign, and also the download button for the subscriptions data: 


In the excel sheet, you can check the following data:

  • fillingDate (UTC)
  • fillingPageUrl: the URL where the form was filled
  • screenSize: indicates the screen size where the form was filled
  • textarea: the result of the text area from the form

The excel sheet will be based on the form, so it will show the same data as the form. This example is based on widget with a text area.