How to install ConvKit App to your Shopify webshop?


Do you have a webshop on Shopify? Installing ConvKit cannot be easier. Follow the steps below to install ConvKit in 2 minutes.

What is a Shopify App?

As a Shopify customer probably, you are familiar with Shopify Apps. Shopify ecosystem allows third-party developers to integrate their applications with Shopify and list the application in the Shopify App Store. Developing ConvKit, one of our main goals was to introduce ConvKit to the Shopify Webshop Community. As a result, ConvKit is now available in the Shopify App Store.


How can I find ConvKit on Shopify?

Just click on https://apps.shopify.com/convkit to reach the ConvKit page on Shopify or use the search bar on Shopify App Store.

How can I install ConvKit from the Shopify App Store?

On ConvKit's Shopify page, click on the Add app button and follow the instructions.

Shopify Add App

After clicking the button, you will land on the ConvKit App Install page, where you can review the permissions ConvKit requires to work correctly.
Then click on the Install App button.

Shopify Install App

When your app installation is finished, you will be redirected to the ConvKit registration page, where you can enter your email and password to finalize the installation and the registration.

Shopify Registration


That's it! It isn't hard, it is?

After the successful installation and registration, you can use our Trial subscription immediately. 
As long as you are satisfied with ConvKit, choose from our subscriptions on this page, or please get in touch with our sales department at sales@convkit.com