How to set up a rating widget?


ConvKit provides a convenient way to measure customer satisfaction. Using rating widgets you can quickly and efficiently survey your visitors and customers to receive feedback.

1. Choose from one of the rating widgets

When you are choosing from the available templates during campaign creation select a widget that supports this feature.

Rating widgets

2. Customizing the widget

Once you have chosen a template that you like click on the "Configure your widget" button. A new window will open in your browser where you can make further changes to the design.


Configure your widget


On top of the settings that you may already be familiar with you can also customize the looks and feels of the rating field at the "Rating" section. You can define how many icons you want to display at what color, size, and alignment. On the left-hand side, you can change the default color of the icons and also the color once they are selected. These fields are called "Icon color" and "Icon active color".


Icon colors

The two input fields in the middle allow you to control which icon is being used and how many. In some cases, a scale from 1 to 10 will be more suitable than a scale from 1 to 5. Currently, the available icons are checkmark, heart, and star.


Icon count and type

Finally, on the right-hand side, you can control how large the icons should be and where they should be aligned.


Icon size and alignment